Follow the steps below for a seamless application of your Hotons mani. Scroll down for a video at the end of the tutorial.

Step 1: Tools and Setup

Please make sure to keep the following tools handy before you start application of nail wraps. Generally most of them are available at home or you can get them from pharmacy or super market.  Tools you will need are alcohol swabs, cuticle stick, cuticle pusher with silicon tip, nail cutter, scissors, emery board/nail file, nail buffer block, mini heater (you can use hair dryer instead from a safe distance), optional-top coat for longer wear, cuticle oil and heaps of  Hotons nail wraps to choose from.

Step 2: Preparation

Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Please ensure the soap does not contain any moisturiser. Push the cuticles back thoroughly including invisible ones with a cuticle stick/ pusher (HT002). Buff the nails lightly with buffer block to remove shine. It is essential to smoothen your nail surface perfectly before applying the wraps (HT003).  Wipe the nails with rubbing alcohol wipes. Clean all the dust/oils completely. You may also use vinegar to clean the nail surface if needed or you have too oily skin. Do not use any cleaner or acetone with perfume /moisturiser(HT004). Select the wrap size matching to the nail. Make sure the size fits nails leaving a silver line at cuticles and sides not touching any skin. The silver line will help proper sealing with top coat. Wraps that are bigger than your nails are prone to lifting/buckling if they touch cuticle or skin(HT005).

Step 3: Placing the Nail Wraps

Pick up the wrap with the help of cuticle stick (orange Stick) or tweezers. Please do not touch the adhesive side of the wraps with your fingers as any residue on your finger may affect the adhesive and the nail wraps may not adhere properly(HT006). Place the wrap on your finger. Apply the wraps cold first without applying any heat. Make sure to leave a silver line. If not please trim the wrap to suit your nail size(HT007). Cut off the excess wrap with the help of scissors (HT008). Place the balance wrap back on the sheet for future applications(HT009). 

Step 4: Application

Place the wrap on to the nail base first. Apply firm pressure and smooth it up the centre of the nail followed up with the sides (HT010) (HT011) (HT012). Heat the nail with wrap with mini heater or hair dryer for 3-5 seconds (HT013)

Step 5: Filing and Finishing

Press again with silicon tip cuticle pusher and smoothen the wraps on the nails same as step E. Please ensure not to use any sharp / metal pusher as it may damage the delicate wraps(HT014).Gently file off the excess at 90 degrees using the downward motion only.  Do not use upward motion as it will lift the wrap from the tip. Also make sure the top surface  of the wrap is not damaged while filing (HT015) (HT016). Optional: Apply flexible top coat on the nails with wraps for longer lasting applications (HT017). Seal the wraps thoroughly from all the edges. 

Step 6: Topcoat , Nourishing and enjoy your Hotons mani

Seal the wraps thoroughly  from all the edges. Cap the tip with top coat (HT018). Ensure to cap the nail tip from bottom as well (HT019).  Let the top coat dry thoroughly.  Apply nourishing  oil/ cuticle oil to finish. Enjoy your Hotons manicure. Cheers ! (HT020)  (HT021