Nail Wraps

Q. What are the Hotons nail wraps made out of?

A. Our wraps are made of non toxic, thin, flexible, self adhesive vinyl having pressure and heat activated adhesive. They are printed with state of art printing technology imparting vibrant colors, water/smudge proof finish. Hotons are latex and PET free.

Q. How many wraps are in each sheet of nails?

A. You will get 24 wraps per sheet

Q. How many designs are available?

A. Currently 167 designs are available. More and more designs will be added in near future. We can make custom designs for you as well with no MOQ.

Q. How long will a manicure last?

With correct application, you can expect 5-7 days and even longer when encapsulated in gel or clear acrylic! We have seen Hotons Nail Wraps last about 14 days before taking them off with a hard gel top coat! They provide durable, long lasting wear without fading, chipping or peeling if applied correctly.



Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes, we ship our Nail Wraps all over the world with affordable shipping options.

Q. How long it will take to receive my order?

A. Hotons Nail Wraps are shipped out within 3 to 5 days. You will receive them according to the shipping service you have selected.


Troubleshooting and Application

Application and Troubleshooting questions?


Q. Do you require a qualified nail technician to apply the Hotons

     No, our wraps are designed for DIY manicure and nail art at home. Application is very

     easy and far less time consuming than gel or acrylic manicure.


Q. How much drying time does it require?

     They require zero drying time. You can grab a car key and leave or resume to your

     household work as soon as Hotons Nail Wraps application is complete.


Q. What if I cannot find a right size nail wrap?

A. If you cannot find the size matching to your nails you can use the next size up and

    trim the nail wrap down with fine scissors to fit your nail bed. It would be best to

    use a smaller nail wrap than your nail toavoid the nail wrap overlapping your skin

    or cuticles as overlapping nail wraps on skin or cuticles may result in lifting of the

    nail wraps


Q. Do I need to apply a base or top coat

     Application of base or top coat is optional. If you apply top coat make sure it is flexible

     and not hard. Please ensure to cap the edges from sides as well bottom

     for longer lasting application.

Q. Can Hotons be applied over nail polish base coat, gel nails, gel polish or acrylic nails

 A. Yes they can be applied on natural nails, nail polish base coat, gel nails, gel polish or

     acrylic nails.


Q. Can I use one wrap for multiple nails?
A. Yes you can ! Please make sure not to touch the sticky surface with your fingers.

     You can cut pieces of the nail wraps to use on multiple nails, in different ways or

     can save for later use!


QWhich nail file I should use.

A. Ideally we recommend files with grit size 240.


Q. Is there a specific way of filing?

A. The filing should be done in downward strokes at 90 degrees only. Do not file from both

    sides of the nail to the middle or use a sawing action. This will affect the adhesion of nail

    wraps to the nail. Over-filing can cause ragged edges.

QMy Nail Wraps are lifting at the edges. Can I fix them?

 A.   The reasons for lifting are

     - The nails are not cleaned properly and made oil free.

     - You work with your hands often

     - Used a hard and fast drying top coat

       A proper application will ensure longer wear time. Re-heating may not help seal them to

       your nail. We recommend removing the nail wrap and applying a new

       one with a correct method

QWhat is the correct method of application of Hotons Nail Wraps

 A. - Clean the nails thoroughly. Remove any nail polish. Remove any oils or dirt. Do not use

        any soap or remover with moisturiser.

      - Heat the nail with wraps on it and apply enough pressure. Remove any creases with

        silicon tip cuticle pusher.

      - Make sure that the nail wraps are on the nail beds only and not on cuticle or skin

      - Ensure the edges of the nail wraps are properly sealed to the nail.

Q. How do I remove my Hotons Nail Wraps

     Soak your hands in warm water for a couple of minutes. loosen from one end of cuticle 

     with cuticle stick and slowly lift the nail wrap pushing with a stick.

     Avoid peeling  the nail wrap quickly. Try to remove them gently. Once removed nourish

     your nails with vitamin oil or cuticle oil.




Is there a video guide for Hotons Nail Wrap application?

  A detailed video and step-by-step guide can be found at