How Hotons was born

Being a busy working woman and mom, I could not find much time to visit the salon for that perfect manicure between my busy professional life and house chores. I had no time to fix that chipped nail polish before meetings as I was always in a rush. I was always looking for a quick and easy nail art solution. I found that not only me but many of my acquaintances were going through the same problem. I also came across many health professionals, lady cops etc who were not allowed to apply any nail art or even colors on their nail at work. If they had a party on at night they had to remove the colors and gel polish before heading into work the very next day!!

I had a wonderful time with my aunt in San Diego couple of years ago when I was in sunny California to attend a conference. She happened to be a consultant for a popular pyramid marketing company selling Nail wraps. She showed me some beautiful designs and applied them on my nails in just fifteen minutes at home. I instantly fell in love with the concept and started looking for similar products in Australia. I tried a couple of nail wraps available locally but I found that most of high quality products were from overseas and were very expensive because they were passing through many levels of distribution channels or pyramid marketing. This is how "Hotons- beauty on the go" in Australia was born. By a good amount of digging and research I found the most suitable, premium material and printing technology to manufacture Hotons Nail Wraps in Australia.

What are Hotons?

Hotons Nail Wraps are manufactured in Australia using the most premium self adhesive, thin, flexible, non toxic, smudge and scratch resistant vinyl . They are vegan and not tested on animals. Now it is possible for a very busy and working women to have a quick, easy manicure for parties and those special nights which lasts for about 7 to 10 days without chipping and can be removed instantly if you wish so for the next working day. Hotons Nail Wraps do not contain harsh chemicals like nail polish, acrylic or gels. They take very less time to apply and also to remove. The best thing about it is that there is no drying time required and you can go out and do things as soon as they are applied. Currently, we offer about 170 designs to chose from and we are growing the collection very fast.

Customise your Hotons

With Hotons it is possible to have a picture of your kids, loved ones, pets or even a design to match your favourite dress. Just send us your pictures and we will design and produce Nail Wraps to match your requirements. There are no minimum order quantities for custom designs. You can have your special Nail Wraps made for weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, events, fund raisers, graduation parties, proms, sporting events and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Calling all designers and associates

We are looking out for graphic designers, fashion designers, fine art professionals, advertising and event professionals. You can create an exclusive range of designs with Hoton Nail Wraps. Designs can be created digitally or hand painted. 


We can create the series of Nail Wraps under your name for the designs you have submitted. Profit can be shared on the basis of royalty or by mutual understanding. We will be creating a special category for designers and will be displayed prominently in featured products. Designers can create designs matching to their dress collections, beach wear, purses, hand bags and accessories, hand crafted colourful pendants, bracelets and earrings etc to name a few and also for special events and promotions.